Item Dragon Army Summoning Amulet Cost: 60 Diamonds

Click to Consume: Respectively summons 5 waves of monsters in Dragon Quest as follows:

  • Icon Marowak (First Wave - Marowak) x 20
  • Icon Nidoking (Second Wave - Nidoking) x 15
  • Icon Nidoqueen (Third Wave - Nidoqueen) x 12
  • Icon Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Fourth - Blue-Eyes White Dragons) x 8
  • Icon Sky Dragon of Osiris (Fifth Wave - Osiris Dragons) x 4

The next wave of monsters can be summoned only when all monsters in the current wave are dead. 4 players are required to stand on the summoning platform before using this item and only players who are level 3 and above can use this item with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

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