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300 Heroes (300英雄) is a Chinese MOBA game infamous for its large variety of anime and game characters as its hero roster. The game is produced and currently managed by JUMP from China. This wiki aims to serve as a database for the game, covering various information using the English language so that foreign players will understand and have the know-how to play the game.

Home Head Game Information

Icon Game Introduction Icon Game Interface Icon Game Mode Icon Heroes
Game Introduction Game Interface Game Modes Heroes
Icon Items Icon Summoner Spell Icon Talent Icon Awakening System
Eternal Arena Items Summoner Spells Talents Awakening System
Item Mall Upgrading System Socketing System Synthesizing System
Item Mall Upgrading System Socketing System Synthesizing System
Icon Mechanic Icon Achievement Icon Patch note Icon Misc
Mechanics Achievements Patch Notes Misc.

Home Head Free Hero Trial

Cha004 Alphonse Elric Cha072 Hatsune Miku Cha083 Oshino Shinobu Cha049 Yuuki Asuna Cha067 Misaka Mikoto
Cha069 Black Rock Shooter Cha075 Shana Cha092 Yaya Cha093 Sakata Gintoki Cha110 EMIYA

Home Head Latest Heroes

Cha191 Cao Yan Bing
45 Diamonds
Cha190 Chang Xuan Ling
45 Diamonds
Cha189 Chang Hao Ling
45 Diamonds
Cha188 Saigyouji Yuyuko

Home Head Latest Skins

Cha173 Asuka Langley Sohryu
118 Diamonds
Cha144 Bright and Colorful Embellishment Timi
Cha141 A Brilliant Overnight Star Yisha
Cha136 Dazzling Fireworks and Lanterns Dita
Cha075 Snow Summer Shana
Cha105 Snow Princess Momo
Cha138 Hakusa
Cha171 Ryuuga

Home Head Activity Websites

Top Up Diamonds Refill Points 50percent
300 CO-OP Web 50percent CDKey 50percent
Passport Info 50percent Friends Recruitment System 50percent

Home Head Events

17112853611 11114315266 9122919464
6174210890 301587451 1142411702

Home Head Livestream

Douyu ZhanqiTV
Bilibili 300 Heroes Gamefy




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